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Essential Oils for the Equine Family

We love our animals as part of our families.  We respect them, often times, as part of our livelihood.  We hope for a quality of life that benefits us both.  Essential Oils are becoming more widespread within the Holistic & CAM (Complementary Alternate Medicine) field, particularly for Animals. We invite you to learn how you can use these oils, & apply them in your daily life & your Pets too!  Equines (horses, donkeys, mules, burrows) your dog, cats, birds, fish, livestock, cattle & swine.  There are NO limitations, simply different applications.  Now let's begin the learning principles. 

Definition of an Essential Oil

An essential oil is that aromatic, volatile liquid that is within many shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes & seeds that is usually extracted through steam distillation, also through cold pressing. Young Living EO feature our quality commitment SEED TO SEAL for authenticity & purity  for over 25 years. Theraputic top grade A oils.   Seed, cultivate, distill, test  & , seal.  Delivered to you.   We own a number of farms & work with many other partner & co-op farms around the world.


AROMATICALLY; rub several dops of EO between your palms & allow your Equine to inhale.  Inhale direct from the bottle.  Use oils in an ultrasonic diffuser near the Equine.

TOPICALLY; place several drops of EO directly on the desired area & massage in.  First dilute with a carrier oil.    

INTERNALLY; place several drops inside bottom lip.  May be diluted with a carrier oil.  WHAT IS A CARRIER OIL?  Coconut, olive, avocado oils, known as fatty oils.  COLIC;  DiGize Vitality & Detoxzyme.  CANCER; Frankincense.  HOOF INFECTION; Thieves & Helihrysum.  JITTERNESS;  Peace & Calming.  LAXATIVE; Digize Vitality.  OPEN WOUND; Helychrysum (pain) & Purification.  SCOURS; ParaGize or DiGize Vitality. STRANGLES;  Raindrop technique with Thieves, Organo & Thyme Vitality.  SWOLLEN SHEATH;  Thieves


Please contact us direct for specifics on application & uses of these principles.

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For specific animal conditions & suggested treatments or essential oil questions please contact us direct.  Visit  We are available by phone as well.   Please note that this information should not be used as a substitute for medical counseling with an animal health care professional.    Young Living Member #13379812.  The highest quality of Essential OIls in the world.  Young Living has 25 year track record.

Essential Oils for Equines

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Since pets cannot talk to their owners they have to communicate in body language.  Nothing is more dramatic than seeing an animal rise from being paralyzed with pain or coming to its owner in search of soothing effects after experiencing success with Essential Oils.   We will provide you the training & support needed so that you can have complete confidence using these amazing oils on your 4 legged Family and you.  Blessings!!!